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                                                                                        Ryan Kidd 

                                                                                        Ontario  Canada





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If your Kidd Family comes from:



Canada Alberta Arthur Kidd d 1969  p 2

Canada Manitoba

Canada Ontario

Burrells Rapids Thomas Kidd 1821    p 88  p 95

Canada  Gananoque Thomas 1824 p 63    p 72 bDr.LornaStuart.pdf  p 3 Henry Kidd d 1889 Charleston Lake


Appendix 2 Corbally Branch Descendants of John Kidd

North Bay On-.Descendants of Edward  and Thomas

Ottawa area Andrew Kidd 1818  p 88  Lambton Co.

Ottawa area son John Kidd 1818   p 88 Southampton On. Renfrew On.


Descendants of John Kidd -Richard Kidd Corbally Branch

Simcoe John Kidd 1827  p 63 p 72

Sundridge Ontario Descendabts of Richard

Grimsby On.

Joseph Kidd to Toronto in 1825  p 53,62 p 70 - 74

Western Ontario George Kidd 1792   p 71

Canada  sons of Joseph the Hatter to Ontario   p 66

Canada, Thomas 1884 m Godkin    p 25

Vancouver BC






Australia, p 24  p 1, 2

Australia ,John Kidd b 1798  p45

Australia,  Michael d  1945  p 70

England Benjamin Kidd Askamore

England   p 2,3,5,6,7,8

Kenya,  Francis in Kenya c 1959   p28

New Zealand

North Ireland see introduction of site

Rhodesia, William 1879   p25

Scotland see introduction of site  p 2

South Africa  p 93

Wales , Bartholemew d 1959   p 26


USA, Anna b c 1880   p 28

USA Atlanta, b 1969 p 2

USA California

USA Chicago

USA  Des Moines Iowa John Samuel baptized  1839 died 1902  p 68

USA Iowa 1902 John Kidd  p 2

USA, Ohio, Joseph and Mary  c 1867  p 49

USA, Kansas Nathaniel  p29

USA  New York, Thomas and John Kidd  1829, 1832  p 53, p 58 p 68

USA Cincinnati  Thomas Kidd  1831  p 52 p 64 p 65

USA Oregon Wesley Kidd  

USA Thomas Edwin baptized 1825 owned a plantation  p 67

USA, William, b 1862 son Edwin b 1862  p 35

Washington USA*%2C0%2C0&surname=Kidd&presurname=Kidd

Garland Family   p 96





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