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The Ballisland Branch


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Appendix 1 tree that suggests a Scotish origin of the Kidds through Antrim. Authentity of early material can not be verified, but later material about the Kidds in Ohio is well researched. Source of tree is unclear.

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The Ballisland Branch


I have suggested in Chapter 1 that this line originated in Wicklow-Wexford with a William Kidd (third generation) who married a Mary Loftus in 1698, and was living at Ballisland in 1728 with family of one son and two daughters, and that this son of unknown name (fourth generation) was the father of the Samuel Kidd of Ballisland of 1740-1812 of the tombstone in the Old Yew Tree graveyard* in Shillelagh (fifth generation). This is, of course, a guess on evidence of dates and locality. Against it is the fact that on my attributions there are no other Kidds who could be Samuel's brothers and sisters. He stands alone in the fifth generation in this line, and this seems unusual as we thus have no male collaterals, either for Samuel himself or his father of unknown name.


References for William Kidd

Sixth generation


I have records of the following children of Samuel Kidd 1740-1812


(1) William Amona% Kidd (1780-1842), died aged 62, also of the Tombstone Samuel in the Old Yew Tree Graveyard of Shillelagh. In 1825 tithe records, we find William Kidd with 28 acres in


  • "Erected by William Kidd in memory of his father Samuel Kidd of Ballisland, who departed this life 8 June 1812 aged 72 years. Also here lieth the body of George brother of the said William who died 27 Feb. 1828 aged 47 years. And also is interred the remains of said William Kidd who died 9 July 1842 aged 60 years". There is also a record of George Kidd's death Feb. 1828 in the Parish Register of Clonegall Church. Here he is called George Amona Kidd. Apparently his brother William also used this name, Amona, for we find in the register of baptism in Carnew Church, 7.11.1825, John A. of William A. and Anne Kidd".#


# There are two possibles on dates as brothers of Samuel of Ballisland. These are

  • John Kidd of Kilrush 1737-1831, thought more likely to be eldest child of Thomas Kidd of Coolroe who married Hannah Clark in 1736.

  • William Kidd of Cashel, who married a Mary and baptised a son Thomas at St. John's Cathedral Cashel Co. Tipperary in 1775, but he has seemed to me more likely to belong to the Corbally and Castlecomer branch on grounds of locality. +This man, however, I now think from recent evidence to belong to the Athlone Kidds, a son of the curious Sackville Kidd.


+ [note added by WSF Kidd] - handwritten notes added to the typescript are shown in italic font


% [note added by WSF Kidd] – there is a townland Ballinamona 5½ miles SE of Ballyellis, about 2 miles NE of Camolin, and near the old Tombe church site; perhaps some unknown link to this place? There is also another of the same name near Ballycanew, about 5 miles E of Camolin.

Townland of lower Ballingate, Parish of Carnew. In Custom House Register of Deaths, Ann Kidd died 1870 aged 85 (Born 1785) of Ballingate Shillelagh, widow of a farmer, witness Benjamin Rathwell, her son-in-law (see below).


  • Samuel Kidd, 1785 c - farmer of Ballingate. This comes from the Customs House registration of the marriage of his son Robert Kidd in 1849, which is also recorded in Carnew Register, where we are told that Robert and his wife were both aged 45. Robert, also, is a farmer of Ballingate. His wife's maiden name was Ann Dowde of Money, born 1804. We can only guess the date of Samuel's birth 1780-90. It is curious that no other children of this Samuel except Robert are found. It looks as if there is a gap here to be filled.


  • Joseph Kidd, 1780 c - A Joseph Kidd paid tithe on 3 acres in Townland of Coolkenne in the Parish Aghowle in 1825. These places are close by Shillelagh. No other evidence.


  • George Amona Kidd, (1781-l828). Again of the stone in the Old Yew Tree Graveyard at Shillelagh. No record of his ever being married.*


Here I bring in two Kidds not so far satisfactorily placed with any branch but born circa 1780. First a Christopher Kidd who married Ann Atkin in 1809. Secondly William Thomas Kidd who married Frances McCormick also in 1809, Ferns Ossory and Leighlin Marriage Licence Bonds. This is the only case out of some fifty records prior to 1845 in which two christian names are used. It rather suggests the presence of two William Kidds in the same neighbourhood.


Seventh Generation


Let us first dispose of Robert, Samuel's son. He married late a woman in her forties and may be presumed to have left no issue. That leaves us then with the children of William 'Amona' Kidd (1780-1842) and his wife Ann of whom there are nine.


  • A woman who could have been George's wife is an Ann Kidd who, as recorded in the Customs House register, died in April 1867 aged 80 (born 1787) of Money, widow of a farmer. This is almost certainly the Ann Kidd who is recorded in Griffiths valuation 1850 as having one acre at Money. Money is not far from Askamore. A slight connexion might be found in the fact Robert, Samuel's son's wife was a Miss Dowde of Money born 1804. Robert might have got to know her while visiting his uncle's widow at Money. On the other hand when we come to chapter 5, the Askamore branch, I find reasons that she may have been the widow of the Benjamin Kidd, farmer, whom my elusive grandfather claimed as his father in his marriage registration.





This is the sort of family my grandfather the Constable in Royal Irish Constabulary had at Killaloe Co. Clare a couple of generations earlier.


I return now to continue with the children (seventh generation) of William 'Amona' and Anne Kidd.


  • Sarah Kidd, baptized by William and Anne Kidd 6 July, 1823 (Carnew Register.) Nothing more known of her.


  • William Kidd, 1824 - of Ballingate 1824-1888, died aged 64 (Carnew Register): married Eliza Levingstone 25 June 1861 (Kilrush Register). Leased 63 acres (Griffiths valuations) in Townland of Lower Ballingate, in Parish of Carnew 1850. His wife died in 1907 aged 79, so born 1828, and 33 years old when she married.


William and Eliza had five children (eighth generation), whose baptisms are recorded in Carnew (eighth generation) all of Ballingate: (see later 8th and 9th generations).


(i) Samuel 3.5.1863, (ii) William 28.5.1865, (iii) Anne 16.12.1866, (iv) George 10.6.l869 (died young) (v) George 23.7.1870.


Information and a chart about later generations have been removed at the request of the family.

Information and charts about later generations have been removed at the request of the family.

                                            See Appendix 1 for information on George Kidd of Camolin (above)


                   Appendix 1 a tree that suggests a Scotish origin of the Kidds through Antrim. Authenticity early material can not be verified, but later material about the Kidds in Ohio.  Source of tree is unclear.



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