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The Limerick Kidds

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The Limerick Kidds



  Appendix 1 Dr. Joseph Kidd 1824-1918 p 4 of Peter Kidd  Descendants below.Doctor to Prime Minister Disraeli

  Appendix 2 Description of Limerick 1938 by Author - Dorothy McCall p 8 of Descendant Chart Below


Potato Famine (see below)

Limerick Descendent Chart - see below

The following family notes were compiled by Peter Kidd of London England (b. 1964), a great-gt-gt-gt-gt-grandson of Peter Kidd the clothier (d. 1792) using information gleaned from a variety of sources, including the unpublished work of Franklin Kidd and numerous snippets of information, including photos and BMD certificates, lent or given to Peter by various relatives, such as Mike Kidd in Kew. The work could not have been done without the help of many such relatives: a list of all of them would be too long to include here.

Having been given clues by others, however,Peter has personally confirmed, added to, or corrected the information wherever possible by searching:
(i) parish registers (notably the Limerick registers, which are available on microfilm and/or as transcriptions through the LDS Family History Centers)
(ii) birth, marriage, and death announcements in newspapers (notably The [London] Times, available electronically as The Times Digital Archive, and Limerick Newspapers available in Limerick, or as abstracts online)
(iii) gravestones (in Limerick and London)

The following document lists only 6 generations, in order to exclude living descendeants, but in many cases my data extends two or three generations furhter.

Further information and updates may be found at:

Peter Kidd's (1964)Tree can be seen in the following PDF File.

PeterKidd (1712) -Descendants  

Potato Famine

Newspaper Stories that caused Dr. Joseph Kidd to go to help.

Additional Stories of the Famine


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